I cannot wait for the arrival of my CUSTOM Casbah knife. They gave me a huge discount too!

Today I bought a custom Benchmade knife for political reasons.

I was voting with my wallet, expressing support for a company that is being bullied.

Recently Benchmade Knives assisted a local police department by cutting/destroying firearms that were lawfully seized. The social media firestorm constitutes a direct threat to boycott / bankrupt the company.

I support the second amendment, but I hate bullies.

The main reason I hate bullies is because they don’t think for themselves. In the case of destroying firearms, it is a necessary (and also difficult) function of law enforcement. We cannot store crime guns forever. If we cannot return the gun to its lawful owner, it is eventually destroyed. This is a function of making space for other evidence that must be stored.

Not reselling guns is a huge concern for law enforcement.

I have actually seized a crime gun for its second time. Yes, I actually seized a gun that still had an evidence sticker partially peeled off. I seized the gun from the same felon who had it before. The felon asked to have the gun returned to a family member, and the family member gave the gun back to the felon who again possessed it when I arrested him.

Let that concept sink in a little bit….

This could have been remedied by drilling the gun the first time it was taken. At bare minimum, the felon would have had to pay to get another gun through a straw purchase. Additionally, the family member would have been criminally liable for lying on the ATF Form 4473. Based on the circumstances in my case, the family member was able to avoid criminal charges.

I have been a card carrying member of the NRA several times during my lifetime, but the bullying nature of the extremists within the organization has repeatedly made me wonder why I would want to belong to a club of keyboard warriors.

Ownership of firearms should include a little candor.

In the words of Teddie Roosevelt, “speak softly and carry a big stick, you will go far.”